FOCA Announces Feral Spay /Neuter CLINIC Plans with Rummage Sale


RE: FOCA Announces Feral Spay /Neuter Plans with Rummage Sale

Friends of Companion Animals, Monroe County’s only all cat rescue and adoption center, which rescued 33 cats at a single location in downtown Monroe in winter 2021, has a new venture – plans for a low cost feral spay/neuter clinic. The all-volunteer, nonprofit rescue established in 2011 is seeking donations to help fund the project, which would make it the only low-cost spay neuter clinic between Toledo and Downriver Detroit. They will kick off the endeavor by hosting an Indoor Rummage Sale fundraiser starting March 9th in their events building next to the shelter.

Director Penny Bly states, “The hoarding case we experience from last year is a prime example of how rapidly cats can reproduce and why we stress the importance of spaying and neutering pets, especially outdoor feral cats. Monroe, like most areas, has a serious overpopulation problem. As a rescue and adoption center, we find cats homes, but that’s only treating the symptom and not addressing the root problem. So, the only logical step is to host a spay neuter clinic in the events center next to the shelter.”

The clinic plans to serve only outdoor feral cats found by FOCA’s TNR program and by local Monroe County citizens who want to control the population of colonies they maintain. The cost is to be determined but it will include the spay/neuter, ear tip (where the top part of the ear is clipped to show it’s been altered) and a rabies vaccine. The low-cost service will try to remain competitively priced with nearby overworked low-cost clinics and help lessen their burden.

“Local low-cost clinics in southeast Michigan are overwhelmed. It can take weeks or months to get appointments because the need outweighs their resources through no fault of their own. The number of cats and people that need help are just enormous. But with financial support from the Monroe County community, and local businesses, Friends of Companion Animals will be able to help lighten the load and address the issue head on.”

Bly says at least four licensed veterinarians said they support the clinic idea and plan to be a part of the solution by performing the surgeries. She adds, “At first the clinic will be doing monthly or bi-monthly appointments. However, before we get to that point, there are supplies we need to acquire to get started — that includes everything from surgical instruments to patient tracking software and that’s where our fundraiser comes into play.”

Starting March 9th through the 13th and then again March 16th to the 20th, FOCA will have their Indoor Rummage Sale. It’s a rain or shine event where everything that’s raised will go toward the evolution of the new spay neuter clinic. In addition to the usual resale shop items, the sale plans to feature items not normally found in their store like furniture, office equipment, linens and other odds and ends. As for when the clinic will open, Bly says that depends on how much they raise and how soon.

“Essentially, the more donors we have who support the project, the sooner the clinic doors will open to area residents. We realize that times are tough financially for many people, but we’re hopeful that those who have the means – whether it’s individuals or businesses – will see the necessity here and contribute to the cause.”

Bly points out that the reason for this clinic doesn’t just benefit people who care for cats but the entire community. She says, “As a whole, it’s better for everybody when overpopulation is brought under control. We truly believe that together we can all make a difference because even five dollars from one person here and one person there really adds up quick and proves that even a small donation can make a large impact.”

To learn more or to contribute to the cause visit their site at today.