Kitten and Cat Adoption from FoCA



Please fill out the following cat adoption application carefully and completely. This information will help us make the best placement possible. Our goal is to find a loving, responsible and PERMANENT home for the animals in our care. Instant kitten and cat adoption isn’t done through Friends of Companion Animals (a.k.a. FoCA). It may take 24 – 72 hours to verify the information you have provided. Failure to fully and accurately answer questions may cause a delay or denial in your application process.

By filling out this online form the submitter agrees to kitten and/or cat adoption from Friends of Companion Animals (FoCA) and hereby agrees as follows:

  • FoCA takes in abandoned, abused, and neglected animals in addition to owner – surrendered animals and strays. Because of this, we do not always know what these animals were exposed to prior to entry into our facility. We strongly recommend you consult your veterinarian on appropriate measures to protect your current pet(s) during their introduction to your new pet. FoCA is unable to treat your existing cat if they are exposed to any illness by your newly adopted pet(s).
  • FoCA strongly encourages you to have your new cat examined by a veterinarian within 14 days of cat adoption. FoCA cannot reimburse you or your veterinarian for any medical expenses that you may incur.
  • FoCA cannot make any guarantees regarding animals age, breed or health status.
  • As the adopter, you agree to take full responsibility for the future care and well-being of your pet, including all medical bills and decisions.
  • FoCA may examine and make inquiry about adopted animals at any time, including home visits. Upon finding that the conditions set forth in this contract have been violated, or if there has been a failure to follow relevant animal ordinances or cruelty laws, the animal may be confiscated by FoCA, its officers or agents.
  • If, for whatever reason, the adopter is unable to keep this pet, the adopter agrees to return the animal to FoCA. The adopter agrees to not give away, sell, transfer or or dispose of said animal without first consulting FoCA, as FoCA has the right to require the animal be returned. The adopter understands FoCA will not refund the adoption fee if the animal is returned.
  • If the adopter relocates to a new address or changes phone numbers, FoCA requests that the adopter notify FoCA of the new address and numbers so we can update our records.
  • If the adopter experiences behavioral issues or difficulties with said animal, adopter will contact FoCA.
  • The adopter understands that animals are unpredictable and that FoCA cannot anticipate or ensure against unexpected conduct of animals adopted. The adopter acknowledges that FoCA has not made through its agents, volunteers or employees, any warranties regarding the future condition, temperaments, or conduct of the animal. The adopter hereby accepts the animal as/is, assuming all risks and responsibilities associated with ownership of the animal, including zoonotic diseases and bites. The adoptee hereby fully and completely releases, and indemnified, and hold harmless FoCA directors, officers, volunteers, agents and employees from any claim, cause of action or liability of any sort of nature arising out of the adoption, care ownership, maintenance, or condition of the animal.

For those who want to download and print the form you can find the PDF version of the application  HERE.