FoCA Intake Request Form


NOTE: This Application Form is verified for Chrome, Safari or I.E.  Other browsers WILL have issues and your application might not be received. If you don’t see a confirmation notice after hitting submit you’ll want to use an approved browser. 

ATTENTION: FILLING OUT THIS FORM DOESN’T GUARANTEE YOU A SPOT AT OUR SHELTER. IT’S ONLY THE FIRST STEP. Completing this form DOESN’T guarantee FOCA will take your felines. You are making a request for help – nothing more; nothing less. If FOCA does decide to take your case you will be notified via the info you supply on this form so double check it is correct before hitting submit. As an all volunteer operation we’re not trying to be rude. We simply lack the time to reply to every request we receive.

Prior to surrender, we require a $40 surrender fee for cats (over one year) and single kittens (under one year). There is a $50 surrender for pregnant moms. Nursing mothers are $40 and each kitten is $15 each. The fee we charge is to offset the costs to get the cat updated on any vaccines, spay/neuter charges and health tests. We are a non-profit organization & totally funded by donations and fund-raisers. We don’t want to charge fees – we MUST charge surrender fees to continue to exist. Thanks in advance for your understanding.