Money donations for Our Shelter

Why Give Dollars over supplies?

First, any donation is wonderful. Seriously.

While supplies are always welcome (food, litter, etc.), money helps us pay our medical supplies, our veterinarian bills, and heck even the water bill for our felines. One method is to stop in during open hours or mail a check to us at:

Friends of Companion Animals

2532 N. Dixie Hwy.

Monroe, MI 48162

Or you can make a donation right now to our general fund at our Bonterra / Network for Good Site by clicking below:



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If you’d like to use Paypal for your donation just click the image below:



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Small Contributions Make a Big Difference

How you can help Our Homeless Cat Shelter

Friends of Companion Animals is more than just a cat shelter in Monroe. It’s an all-volunteer organization that is passionate about helping companion animals. If you would like to help us reach our goals, there are many different ways you can help. Sometimes it’s monetary and at others it’s a few hours of your time each week. Check out a few of the options below, along with our list of most needed physical items. Plus, first time Chewy customers can use the link below and our organization gets $15 with no cost to you!


Ways To Help FOCA


Shop from our Wish List for supplies that we need to keep the shelter running. We are brand specific with Purina products that include Kitten Chow, Purina One, Gentle and Original dry foods along with Friskies can food and Fancy Feast wet adult and kitten.


Want to help us without doing anything you’re not already doing? If you shop at Kroger use code XG782 (for MI members) or KW154 (for OH members) to link your rewards card to our organization. You can learn how by going HERE



Shop from our Wish List for supplies that we need on a regular basis as well as a few extras. Many of the items you’ll see here come in assorted varieties but Purina Brands are the ones we use the most. But remember all donations are always appreciated.


Volunteers assist with cleaning, feeding, and socializing cats and kittens, as well as provide assistance with our resale store operations.You can download an application here: FoCA Volunteer Application.


We need foster homes for orphan kittens, moms with kittens, and adult cats needing short -term medical treatment. It’s a great opportunity to care for animals without the long-term commitment.


Barn cats are working animals and when you are providing shelter, food and water to a feral cat they in turn provide years of cost-effective rodent control. If you don’t need one please spread the word to other social media groups.


We got a loan to buy our shelter but the bank holds the deed so we need your help. Bring your bottles and cans to us at the shelter and we’ll put the money toward helping our rescue and keep our home!


Bonterra / NFG Fundraisers

Foca has several different fundraisers based on different projects. If you’d like to contribute to any of them just click the link below.


  • Main Giving Fund

  • FOCA is an all volunteer organization so that means everything you donate goes back into the care and upkeep of the shelter and the felines we rescue. Consider making a donation today.


  • Lasalle Hoarding Fund

  • FOCA is raising funds for the 35 cats and kittens we came across during a TNR project in LaSalle. With 30 more cats on the property FOCA needs monetary donations for spay/neuter and medical treatments.


  • Monroe MI TNR Fund

  • FOCA is raising funds so we are able to take on more tnr projects for people around the community. Perhaps you live in an area our teams are working in right now. Maybe you just realize the way to stop shelter overcrowding is TNR so you want to donate. Whatever the reason it’s appreciated.


  • Monroe Spay/neuter clinic Fund

  • FOCA is raising funds to open the area’s first low-cost spay/neuter clinic for Monroe County residents who want to control their colonies by making sure everyone is spay/neuters.


  • make your own FOCA fundraiser

  • FOCA has a building fund and this is one way that you can help FOCA by making your very own fundraising page that you can share with the world once it’s approved. Check it out today!