Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Cats

The page is for two people – new adopters and surrenders. Before surrendering, try the solutions here to keep your family together. For those just starting the journey of cat ownership (or you just want a refresher or something you hadn’t considered) check out the resources on this page from the Dumb Friends League (don’t let the name fool ya. There’s a lot of ‘smart’ info you’ll find here).

  1. Solving Litter Box Issues

    Quite often the reason for surrender is not using the litter box but there could be things going on that require a vet visit or closer examination of your kitties ‘powder room’ habits.

  2. Preventing Litter Box Issues

    Be proactive. Make sure you’re not making mistakes when it comes to your kitties’ potty place.

  3. Train Your Cat

    Yes! Cats can be training and there’s a number of reasons why it’s important.

  4. Training Techniques

    Find out more about the ‘Nothing is free’ technique to training.

  5. Scratching Solutions

    Cats must scratch. This will offer tips to make it painless for everyone.

  6. Talkative Cats

    Some cats have lots to say. Others are trying to tell you there’s trouble. Learn the difference.

  7. Night Time Activities

    Cats love the night. You need to sleep. Check out these tips.

  8. Over-stimulation in Cats

    Cats can get too much love and attention. See what to do when that happens.

  9. Dealing with a Fearful Kitty

    Cats who feel threatened respond in three ways: fight, flee, or freeze. What can you do?

  10. Understanding Territorial Urine Issues

    When cats mark it’s not personal. Sometimes it’s illness. Sometimes it’s emotions.

  11. Unusual Eating Habits

    Some things your cat tries to eat can be harmful. Find out more about this odd behavior.

  12. Maintaining a Healthy Weight

    Overweight cats can be prone to illness, like diabetes, so keeping your cat fit is important.

  13. Managing Rough Kitten Play

    Some kittens need to learn that rough play isn’t allowed. Here are tips to consider.

  14. Kids and Cats

    Children and cats can have a wonderful life together. These tips make the process easier.

  15. Games with Your Cat

    Play isn’t just for exercise. It’s good for your cats mind and your relationship.

  16. Cat Toys: How to Use Them?

    Different toys stimulate cats in different ways. Find out which toys provide amusement.

  17. Kitten Development

    What to expect from your kitten based on their age.

  18. Introducing Your New Cat to Other Pets

    Tips to make your introduction of your new family member go smooth.

  19. Understanding Cat Aggression

    Find tips to deal with cats showing aggression to people and other pets.

  20. Cat Vs. Cat: What Can You Do?

    Tips for managing cats who aren’t getting along with each other.

  21. Behavior Modification Through Aversion

    Humanely control behavior by using aversion methods on a cat-by-cat basis.

  22. How to Harness Train

    If you plan to walk your cat you need to get them used to harness life.

  23. Teaching Cats to Leash Walk

    Make sure your cat has all their up-to-date vaccinations and use these tips for leash walking.

  24. Indoor Cats and Outdoor Cats

    The pros and cons of each need to be considered.

  25. Discouraging Roam Cats Near Your Property

    Roaming cats rarely cause an issue but if they do at your home consider these tips.

  26. Grief: Tips and Suggestions for Dealing with Loss

    Losing family is hard. This article contains information you might find useful.