Senior Cats for Seniors

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If you’re a senior who would love to have a feline for companionship, but you’re worried about making a long-term commitment, fear not. The Cats for Seniors program has two options.

First, you have the option of fostering cats or kittens until we can find ‘furever’ homes for them with someone else. You’ll be helping a cat by providing a quite home and you’ll have a furry friend to keep you company.

The next option is to adopt an adult cat, preferably a senior cat, because the time commitment is much less than when adopting a kitten (since most cats live to be 15+ on average).

One of the biggest fears seniors have that prevent them from fostering or adopting is the question, “What do I do if something happens to me? Who will care for my pets?”

At FOCA, you’re covered. We keep track of the adopters and fosters so if you are unable to care for your pets, you (or your loved ones) can contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Reasons for Seniors to Adopt

  • Cat owners tend to have lower blood pressure than people who don’t have pets. 
  • Cats reduce stress and provide companionship.
  • Cat parents have stronger immune systems because the joy cats bring, which increase secretory immunoglobulin A for better immunity.
  • Likewise, cats help people with conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other chronic diseases / painful conditions by helping owners stay active and productive.

If you’d like to learn more about the cats for seniors program for you or a loved one, by all means contact us to today or download our pdf flyer.



How Senior Cats for Seniors Works

• Be 60 years or older & earn less than $1600 a month
• Name a pet caregiver in case of emergency or illness
• Allow a home visit to ensure a safe, loving, cat-friendly environment
• Let us match you with a list of possible adult cats to fit your particular needs.
• If you can no longer care for your pet/foster, contact us and we’ll make sure to find another loving home so there’s no inconvenience for you and/or your loved ones.
• Note: Discounts are available for those over 60 years old earning more than $1600 monthly looking for adult cats. Kittens are excluded from this promotion.

“University of Minnesota Stroke Institute did a 20 year study and proved that cat owners seemed much less likely to die of heart attack and stroke than people who had never known the love of a cat.”

Friends of Companion animals Services

Low Cost Spay Neuter

Humane Ohio and The Paws Clinic offer a high-quality, low-cost cat spay / neuter service. They offer discounts to people seeking low-cost vet services for felines.


Trap Neuter Return

To help control the cat population in Monroe County FoCA offers TNR advice. It’s a great way to keep neighborhood cats from overpopulation.


free barn cats

Discourage rodents and provide a companion for other farm animals. Each cat is spayed/neutered and vaccinated so they are ready to ‘work’ and be a friend.


senior cats for seniors

We often have senior cats in need of quiet loving households. For senior humans seeking companionship it’s win/win for everybody.