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CALL FOR ARTISTS: If you are an Artist or a Maker and would like to be part of the FOCA cat shelters second annual open-air art market please send us a Facebook message or email our organizer Jason at Space is limited so please get back to us asap. Social distancing will be in place and masks are required. A space costs $10.00 and goes directly to the shelter’s new building fund. Participants will have to bring their own tables and anything else they may need – 10×10 tents and smaller are allowed. It is an outside market so if there is inclement weather it will be canceled. Since ‘table rental’ is a donation it won’t be refunded should the event be canceled.

Price:  Free 

DATEs:  Sat, sept. 26, 2020

TIME:  From  12 pm to 5 pm

Location:  FOCA Shelter

2532 N. Dixie Hwy. Monroe, MI 48162



8th Annual CRitters Without Litters Auction

Stop at Olga’s with a print out of this flyer the day after Quartermania and Olga’s will give us up to 25% of your order to our cat shelter. Get some great food while supporting a great cause that costs you nothing! Flyers can also be picked up at our shelter Thurs – Sat 11 am to 5 pm. A physical flyer must be presented so make sure you print it out before you head out to dine! 

Start DATE:  Sun. Nov. 1, 2020 @ Noon

End Date:  Sun. Nov. 15, 2020 @ Noon

Location:  Online at:





As  you can imagine we get lots of requests to take in cats who have been outdoors once the weather turns cold. Unfortunately like many shelters we are often full or we don’t take feral cats. If you’d like to help, and you’re not sure what you can do, build some shelters that don’t cost a fortune.

Here’s a great link for building a cat shelter You need it off the ground because of snow fall and you want to use just straw and not hay or blankets (wet cats get stuck on hay and fabric which damages their skin, which can be deadly). But watch the video since he offers some pretty good tips. If that seems like too much work this one offers some nice tips for a plastic shelters if you don’t want to build with wood –

Located here is a quick graphic from a great organization, Alley Cat Allies, on how to build an outdoor enclosure. Best of all it only takes 12 quick steps. But we suggest that you also watch the links above to get a better idea of why you’re building the shelter and other tips that can help you (and the cats you want to save this winter).



Friends of Companion Animals Changes Lives






Bringing Felines and Humans Together


Our vision is to have a county free of homeless, unwanted companion animals, to have all free-roaming cats spayed or neutered and under the care of reliable caregivers to achieve this vision. We seek to stop the overpopulation of felines through spaying and neutering and to match adoptable cats with the appropriate ‘furever’ homes. 

As an all-volunteer organization we’re always looking for people who can donated their time, supplies,  money or ideas for creating a better world for homeless cats and kittens. 


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About Us

Beyond a Cat Adoption Center

Along with our cat adoption center, we have a trap-neuter-release program for cat colonies where there is someone to feed, water and provide shelter for feral cats. 



Founded by Penny Bly, Friends of Companion Animals is a 501c3 nonprofit that’s focused on the spay/neuter of feline companion animals to control pet populations. Since 2011 our mission has been to promote spay and neuter of all companion animals and to help find suitable forever homes. Today, however, we have narrowed our efforts to focus on cats and kittens in our program to aid felines of Monroe County, Michigan. 


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What  You Can Do


It’s not glamorous, but if you’ve got a few hours on certain days there are always cats that need cleaning and general care…and cuddles too.


Fund Raising & Money Donations

We don’t receive money from any state, county or city departments so our survival depends on ideas and events that garner funds for pet care.



Private individuals and companies in the community are welcome to bring us physical goods too because any help is appreciated.


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You can make a difference in an animals life by being a volunteer – feel good by doing something good! 

Want to Help? We Always Need…

  • Tidy Cat Clumping Litter
  • Purina Natural Cat and/or Kitten Food
  • Canned Cat Food
  • PetSmart or Monroe Feed Gift Cards
  • Gasoline Gift Cards
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Bleach and Dish Soap
  • Paper Towels



We open our doors to the public Thursday through Saturday from 11 AM – 5 PM.

2532 N. Dixie Hwy., Monroe, MI 48162

So if you’re interested in adopting a cat or kitten… or if you’d just like to spend some time playing with some feline companions in our playroom, feel free to stop into Friends of Companion Animals and see who’s available! Our kitties will love the companionship and you’ll have a great time too.  


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Stay connected and find out about our upcoming events or social engagements like dinners, auctions, etc. 

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Friends Of Companion Animals Feline Rescue & Adoption Center

Friends of Companion Animals Feline Rescue & Adoption Center is a 501c3 nonprofit animal welfare organization that has been preventing unwanted litters from growing up on the streets or entering the already overcrowded animal shelters in Monroe County since 2011. Friends of Companion Animals encourages the spaying/neutering of companion animals and conducts trap-neuter-release in public places where free roaming cats are prevalent. In one year we prevented an estimated 1,200 potential puppies and 17,420 potential kittens from being born as homeless pets, and we have socialized and rehomed numerous kittens. We are a dedicated group of volunteers that believe together we all can make a difference for the companion animals of Monroe County!
Friends Of Companion Animals Feline Rescue & Adoption Center
Friends Of Companion Animals Feline Rescue & Adoption Center
The more accurate term for declawing is 'De-Toeing'. The nail is 'removed' by cutting off the paw at the first ligament. This can result in difficulty walking, litter box usage problems, arthritis, character changes and other ailments. Cats can be trained on where to scratch with time, love and patience. Please share if you think cats are purrfect just they way they are.
Friends Of Companion Animals Feline Rescue & Adoption Center
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Adoption update: Good Morning – I thought I would share these pictures of Eggsy with all of you – He is adjusting extremely well. Perfect fit here (of course he has the run of the house).