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What is the best way to reach Friends of Companion Animals?

The best way to reach someone at Friends of Companion Animals is to call (734) 224-0700 during store hours. As an all-volunteer organization, we are often busy and are not always able to answer the phone, but please leave a message if no one answers. It might take some time to get back with you, but we will call you back as soon as possible if you leave your name and number.

Does Friends of Companion Animals take owner surrenders/strays?

We are currently not accepting any more cats.



How do I adopt a cat through Friends of Companion Animals?

You will need to fill out an adoption form before adopting a cat from FoCA. We check references and therefore do not do instant adoptions. However, it is possible to get per-approved by filling out and submitting an cat adoption application prior to choosing a feline, which we recommend.

How much does it cost to adopt a cat through Friends of Companion Animals?

We charge $50 for adult cats and $80 for kittens. All of our cats and kittens are fixed, tested, and vaccinated. Cats older than twelve weeks will also have a rabies vaccine.

I want to adopt an outdoor cat for pest control. Can Friends of Companion Animals help me?

Some free-roaming cats are re-homed as barn cats by FoCA. These cats are provided free of charge, and are spayed/neutered and given the rabies vaccine, although we do ask for a donation, if possible. You will need to feed and provide adequate shelter for your barn cat so call (734) 224-0700 for more information.


Spay/Neuter Services

Why is it important to get my pet spayed or neutered?

To learn how spaying/neutering keeps pets happier and healthier, visit humanesociety.org.

How do I get Friends of Companion Animals to pay for my cat or dog to be spayed or neutered?

Friends of Companion Animals currently does not have the money to assist pet owners with the cost of spaying/neutering. However, if you need assistance in transporting your pet, FoCA will take cats to the PAWS Clinic on Wednesdays. (Note: this applies only to owned cats, and owners must pay the $45 spay/neuter fee). To learn more about low-cost spay/neuter, visit thepawsclinic.com.


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